motor 2 pole vs 4 pole

Oct 1, 2023 · 2 pole motors operate at higher speeds with less torque, while 4 pole motors deliver lower speeds with higher torque, both relating to electrical poles used. The main difference between these motors is the number of poles. The 2 pole motor contains only 2 poles. While 4 pole motor has 4 poles. 2 pole motor is more efficient and has a higher speed if compared 2 pole Vs. 4 pole motor. P : Pole (Jumlah Kutub) Jika sebuah elektro motor memiliki 4 (Empat) kutub Magnet (Pole), dan Frekuensi 50Hz, maka Rpm Motor listrik tersebut, adalah: RPM = (F x 120)/P; RPM = (50Hz x 120)/4; RPM = 6000/4; RPM = 1500 . Kemudian, jika Elektro motor memiliki 2 (Dua) kutub magnet (Pole), dan Frekuensi 50Hz, maka Rpm Motor listrik tersebut, adalah: Basically, a 2-pole motor is a good RPM motor while a 4-pole motor, having more magnets, will have more torque. What is a 2 Pole Motor? A two-pole motor is a type of electric motor that has two magnetic poles in its stator and rotor, making it a simple and commonly used configuration. Nov 27, 2023 · Common pole numbers for motors include 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles, 8 poles, etc. Different pole numbers have a significant impact on the performance and applications of the motor. The following will provide a detailed explanation of the significance of motor pole numbers and the differences between different pole numbers.