first love lyrics nikka costa

The lyrics of the song First Love by Nikka Costa, a Portuguese-American R&B singer-songwriter. The song is about her first love and how she misses him. The web page also has the lyrics of other songs by Nikka Costa and other artists in the same genre. Lirik Lagu First Love dan Terjemahan -. Nikka Costa. (Credit Video: Youtube/Grupo Musica)&nbps; Everyone can see Semua orang bisa melihat There's a change in me Ada yang berubah dariku They all say Mereka semua berkata I'm not the same kid I used to be Aku tidak seperti biasanya. Don't go out and play Tidak keluar dan bermain I just dream all ... First Love Lyrics: Everyone can see / There's a change in me / They all say / I'm not the same kid I used to be / Don't go out and play / I just dream all day / They don't know what's wrong... Why love is so unfair Will I ever find a way And answer to my pray For my first love What I'm dreaming of When I go to bed When I lay my head upon my pillow Don't know what to do My first love Thinks that I'm too young He doesn't even know Wish that I could show him what I'm feeling Cause I'm feeling my first love My first love